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My Fairy Godfathers® Foundation
"Empowering Women through Beauty"

About Us

My Fairy Godfathers, aka, Steven Anderson and Andrew Ashton have been helping young girls and women with the” Gift of Beauty” since 2010. We provide charitable services, namely, financial support to young girls and women for beautification and lifestyle support. Both being in the beauty business since their early 20’s and each being a salon owner, they have each developed a strong sense of style and a sixth sense when it comes to making women feel beautiful. They created a contest in the early 2000’s called “Make me a Supermodel.” In conjunction with a local magazine, they awarded the recipient the chance to be a cover model. It was an eye-opening experience for the duo. They assumed it would be just girls looking to have a chance to model, but the women who applied all had some kind of conflict or health related issue in the lives. It soon became apparent that there was an entire group of women and girls who really needed a boost of confidence and a chance to change the circumstances they were faced with. So, in 2010Anderson & Ashton changed their direction. Their efforts would be to help young girls and women in need. Each year they pick a variety of recipients through My Fairy Godfather Foundation. They have partnered with a various number of philanthropic organizations, such as the Pace Center for Girls, which helps troubled and abused teens mainstream back into the public school system. Also “Dress for Success” where they complete the look that the organization starts, as well as their own,” Crown and Glory.” This is where the pair travel the country to provide wigs free of charge to patients going through catastrophic illnesses. “If the Shoe Fits” which is a chance for challenged high school Seniors to get to the prom. as well as their original ”Make me a Super Model” which has now become “Mirror, Mirror” which helps victims of various forms of abuse. They are also supplying financial support for continuing 

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"Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity that you have given me and my sister. I am so thankful for this. What you do for young girls is so amazing. You guys are the Best!"


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